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Thomas “Moon” D. Mullins, Jr.

Yorktown, Va. – Thomas, 53, passed away peacefully at his home surrounded by loved ones on May 26, 2020. His will to live through multiple brain surgeries and other health issues showed how strong of a man he really was. He was indeed a “true fighter.”
Thomas was born 1966 in Portsmouth, Va. He grew up as a military dependent with 4 siblings, 1 brother and 3 sisters. His father Thomas Mullins Sr retired from the Marines and Civil Service in his hometown of Havelock, N.C. Moon and his siblings were highly active in sports and the Mullins brothers, Tom and James, were outstanding athletes. He always bragged about his high school (HAVELOCK HIGH) and his love of football and baseball. Moon was captain and co-captain of the “Havelock Rams” and was featured in many newspaper photos and articles as well as his yearbooks. He was definitely” Mr. Popular”. His childhood revolved around sports and he shared all the great memories of his high school days and how much he missed them. He also talked about how much he loved and missed his dear mother, Elizabeth Mullins that passed away unexpectedly his graduation year. He continued playing because he knew that is what she would have wanted. In addition to his love of sports, Thomas was also an outstanding student. His family always said he was the “Smart One” in the family. Tom graduated with Honors in 1984 and his name is still posted up at Havelock High. His legacy will live on.
After graduation at 17, Thomas joined the Airforce traveling stateside and overseas. Assignments included Bolling AFB, Wash DC., Einseidlerhof, Germany, Ellsworth AFB, S.D, Ramstein Germany, Anderson AFB, Guam, Osan AB Korea, Langley AFB, Virginia. At his assignments, Moon continued playing sports and loved playing softball for the base and off base. How lucky he was he to go TDY numerous times to play softball. He loved to compete and had some of his best times playing and traveling around overseas. The softball guys known as the “Ramstein Rams” were simply the best! He has so many trophies and great stories to go with those awards. His teammates now known as, “The Fellas”, are like family to him and will always be. When he was not playing softball, Moon loved to listen to music, attend concerts, play cards, dominoes, (bones) and cookout. He was quite the grill master. His ribs marinated in Boones farm were the best. At Ramstein Germany Thomas was an active Master Mason and enjoyed spending time with his family and friends and traveling the world.
Thomas made a career as a civil engineer for over 22 years retiring as MSgt at Langley AFB, VA in 2008. Thomas was a great leader, a mentor, and a friend. His pet peeve was being late. He would leave at O dark thirty just to make sure he would never be late. We were only 6 miles from the base. (lol) He always looked out for his fellow airmen and was highly respected. He was someone you could count on to get the job done. Tom worked hard and played hard. Playing hard was playing Bid Whist from 11:00-1200 during lunch time and you better not disturb the “Card Guys” unless it was an emergency. Moon always said that they should have had their own reality tv show. His stories were hilarious.
The ribbons, medals and numerous awards proved how dedicated he was both active duty and Civil Service. In 2008, after retiring from active duty, he began his Civil Service Career in Civil Engineering returning to his same unit, 633rd Civil Engineering Squadron. Thomas became Supervisor of Structures in 2013. He and his unit at Langley, “Heavy Repair Team”, took a sweep of awards in 2014 with Thomas receiving an award from the 633ABW 4th quarter award as Craft/Trades Civilian of the Quarter. Even though he received awards he did not want the recognition himself. He always put others first on the job and at home That was just the type of person he was. Tom had a funny, easy going and loveable personality. His wife, children and grandchildren meant everything to him. He spoke of all the wonderful times with his relatives in Cincinnati and Dayton Ohio. His Aunt Minnie was like a mother to him and he loved her so much. His family loved him dearly and have so many wonderful memories to cherish and pass on to generations.
Thomas is predeceased by his loving mother Elizabeth Mullins. Survivors include his father, Thomas D. Mullins Sr: Havelock, N.C. Wife: Tammara M Mullins, Yorktown VA. Son: Thomas Mullins, Hampton, VA, Step Son :Shawn Williams, Oxnard Ca, Step Daughter; Christine Williams, Tampa, FL Grandchildren: Ariana Caudill “Boots” (Raised as Daughter)Yorktown, VA, Liam Dorty, Columbia SC, Malaysia Williams, Oxnard CA, Harlyn Gongora, Ventura Ca. Siblings: Brother: James Mullins, Layton Utah, Stepbrother: Lamont Colvin, Durham N.C. Sisters: Valinda Winborne, Michelle Mullins, Denise Mullins, Havelock NC, Step Sister: Tameka Colvin, Panama City FL, Included survivors are the special aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews and cousins he so adored.
Special thanks to the 633rd CES Langley AFB, VA for all your love and support throughout these years. You were his second family. You stood by Moon through the good and bad times and never left his side. You all were his heart and we can’t thank you enough.
Thank you to Riverside Regional Hospital, Dr. Salvant and team for your loving care to Tom and our family. My trust and faith were with you always. To the Riverside Rehab center/ Select Medical/ and Riverside Hospice team thank you for taking care of Thomas and comforting him during his time of need. I know he was still making his jokes even in pain and you all were making him smile.
Thank you to Amory Funeral Home for taking care of Thomas during this difficult time. The support and guidance to our family is deeply appreciated.
To all my family and friends, thank you for being there for us. I love you all and as Moon would say back “LOVE YOU MORE”

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