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Phillip (Grouchy) Lawrence

Poquoson – Phillip “Grouchy” Lawrence of Poquoson age 70 had his ticket punched on May 23, 2020. He passed away peacefully surrounded by his 3 astounded children who thought for sure he would live forever. He was preceded in death by his faithful dog Pete. He is survived by his sister, 2 daughters, a son, 6 grandchildren and countless dear friends. Phil had the persona of a rattle snake, but once he took you into his heart you could not ask for a better friend. He had so much love for life and the people around him. If he ever gave you a hard time, know he liked you. His stubbornness was legendary. He was a master gunsmith and craftsman. An avid fisherman we hope wherever he is, he has hooked a big one!
His children meant more to him than anything. At a young age he became a single father to 3 young children. He loved them all deeply as individuals and encouraged each of them to walk their own paths. He made sure they learned all of the necessary life skills and were willing and able stand up for what was right. He left a huge void that can never be filled.
Dad didn’t want a wake or a funeral. He wanted a big party and for us all to listen to music and tell stories about him. He wanted us to remember the grumpy old man that was dirty-minded, and disgruntled when he turned 70 because he couldn’t tell anyone he was 69 with that mischievous smile anymore. We will have the party as soon as the governor lifts the ban on gatherings of more than 10 people. If you want to come celebrate his life, or death, you will hear about the arrangements thru the Bull Island grapevine.
On this day of your leaving
This poem has been waiting…

I see you now, silhouetted by the ocean,
casting your line in a perfect arc beyond the breakers.

The bluefish are running …
and the day is closing softly around you,
under the first pale stars.

With Love from your sister, Pat

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