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Annie Laura Huston

Annie Laura Huston was called home on Tuesday, August 14, 2018.
She was 89 years old and had been married to Robert Huston sixty six years. And for fifty years of that time, she was the loving mother of Suzanne, the adopted daughter that made the trio complete. Laura is the daughter of Victor Norton “Red” Bailey and Eula Gertrude Bailey.
Laura was born May 17, 1929 in the Piedmont, South Carolina Methodist Parsonage because her parent’s home had burned down. Her father, “Red” Bailey, decided to become a fireman. Soon “Red” became “Chief” and with 3 step and 4 natural children, he nearly had his own department. James Wilton Barkley, Mildred (Barkley) Cole, Wade Hampton Barkley, are the step siblings. David Wesley Bailey, Victor Norton Bailey Jr, and Patricia Sheffield (Bailey) Register are the natural siblings.
The depression years were tough and when WW II selected Chief Bailey to run the Air Force Base crash rescue, the oldest three were 100% at risk, wearing a uniform or married to one. Wilt, in combat steady from the invasion of Sicily to the victory in Bavaria, carried the load The Korean War duplicated the military service for the youngest siblings although not the human risk but with new careers coming out of post war training.
With Laura’s husband, Robert, furthering his technical education, Laura became his study partner and led to his being employed with 1st NACA and then NASA at Langley Research Center.
Finally, after years of hoping for a child, Robert and Laura are offered an adopted girl, who is now Suzanne Brown. It is love at first sight. The fact that the decision had to be after a weekend, made the parting after that first meeting so hard. But they took that weekend to build and supply a sparking new nursery. And they loved her, encouraged her, and developed her to have the career and life that both she and her parents could be proud of.
A memorial service for Laura Huston will be held this fall at an announced time. Eventually, after Laura plays one more part on this earth, as an anatomical gift for medical education, Laura’s ashes will join the Huston forebears (7 generations) on the prairie in Kansas.

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